Customers are ready

Point of Decision Digital Media is changing the world, and leading retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, P&G and Best Buy are embracing it.

For retailers, surveys have shown that consumers find stores with in-store media more engaging, that the information is helpful, and if given the choice, will choose a store with in-store media over one that has no media component.

For brand owners, digital media changes retail outlets from pure ‘distribution channels’ into ‘marketing mediums’. Walmart believes Point of Decision Media is so significant that they introduced a worldwide advertising network to operate in all its stores. Once fully implemented, it will be the fifth biggest TV network in the US, reaching 180 million viewers a month.

Media-measurement firm, Arbitron, reported that US consumer attitudes to in-store digital displays showed patrons were more likely to recall in-store video advertising than other media and were subsequently 40% more likely to purchase.

Other significant findings from the Arbitron report include:

  • More than one third of retail-video viewers have made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product featured on the in-store digital display
  • 33% of consumers have watched in-store video
  • More than three quarters of retail-video viewers find the screens helpful
  • More than half of retail-video viewers think more stores should install video displays
  • If given a choice, 42% of retail-video viewers would prefer to shop at a store that has digital video displays versus one without.

Recent research by Mintel shows consumers in stores with in-store digital display networks:

  • Visited stores twice as often
  • Spent an average of 5% more time in the store
  • Spent an average of 10% more money
  • Doubled the amount of impulse purchases versus stores without in-store digital displays

Recent Nielsen research shows the average recall of a brand advertised on Wal-Mart’s in-store digital displays is a whopping 66%, compared with 15 to 25% for other out-of-store media.

A Consumer Goods & Technology Magazine recent report revealed that in-store digital displays and other electronic media tools are transforming the consumer-brand relationship.